4×4 Services

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre has over 30 years of industry experience.

You will not find a better team than ours to get your 4×4 vehicle prepared for your next adventure. We are 4×4 enthusiasts.

Our expertise includes 4WD tyres, lift kits and accessories, electrical work, suspension upgrades, and caravan weighing.

4×4 Accessories & Fitting

Personal experience has taught us that driving on Mount Gambier roads will take a serious toll on your 4×4 vehicle. We work on standard 4×4 vehicles and AWD vehicles. We keep your family protected and your vehicle fun by offering the following services.

If you have the right accessories, no terrain is off limits. We can’t wait to talk to you about fitting your 4×4 with bull bars, extra headlights, and suspension kits.

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre has the finest selection and an extensive range of 4WD accessories. In the rare case we don’t have it, we can source the needed accessory for you. We will fit and colour code your accessory to match your vehicle.

Some of the products we supply and fit include:

  • Towing accessories
  • Towing mirrors
  • Tray setups
  • Bull bars
  • Driving lights
  • Dual battery setups
  • Recovery gear
  • Suspension airbags
  • Suspension kits

4×4 Auto Electrical Work

Gone are the good old days when cars were simple. Each new model of vehicle has a more complex electrical system than the one before it. One electrical problem could be symptomatic of something more serious somewhere else.

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre is equipped with the latest in testing and diagnostic equipment. Our technicians can find electrical issues fast, and we have a high resolution rate when dealing with electrical problems. We will get you back on the road before you know it.

Don’t wait for your vehicle’s electrical problem to get worse. Contact us today. We will identify the problem and fix it swiftly.

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Showroom

Call us on (08) 8723 4286 or send us an email to request a quote.

Suspension & GVM Upgrades

You want your 4×4 to look nice and perform well. But none of that is important if your vehicle is not safe. For the technicians that Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, your safety is the number one priority.

In South Australia, you can find yourself driving enormous distances in rural areas. That’s why we feature an extensive selection of high-quality suspensions. We are an authorized Pedders Suspensions distributor and installer. We have partnered with Pedders because of their reputation for quality parts and suspension products.

When you talk with our technicians, you will see right away how knowledgeable and experienced they are with all things 4×4 suspension-related. We know the ins and outs of the products that we sell. This includes how they were developed, how they were designed, how they performed when tested, and how they will work on your vehicle.

In addition to Pedders Suspensions products, we offer products by brands like:

  • Old Man Emu
  • Tough Dog and more

Your vehicle’s suspension is not the place where you want to go cheap or where you want to cut corners.

We will walk you through different factors that determine the best suspension brand for your vehicle and your driving habits.

4WD & Caravan Weighing

On Australian roads, weight matters. If your 4×4, caravan or trailer is overweight, it is unroadworthy. This puts you at risk of heavy fines and fees if there is an accident. Your insurance company may refuse a related claim.

TARE, ATM, TBM, and GTM are just a few of the confusing acronyms and weight terms that are used in the world of towing and caravanning. All of this can be confusing. However, at Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, we provide clarity and compliance.

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Showroom

According to a recent poll, over 50 percent of caravans were overweight in at least one regulated category. The fines and fees associated with an overweight caravan are not worth the risk.

You can trust our weighing services to give you a comprehensive weight report. If you are in compliance, great. If not, we can make recommendations to remediate the situation.

We can help you hit the road with confidence knowing that your caravan, camper or trailer are within their weight limitations.

Customise Your 4×4

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre has everything you need to create the toughest, meanest, and most rugged 4×4 vehicle in town. Our impressive range of aftermarket accessories can’t be beaten. Tell us what your perfect 4×4 vehicle looks like, how it performs, and how it should sound.

Our technicians will show you the exhaust, suspensions, lights, protective equipment, and the little extras we have in stock that can make your dream vehicle a reality. If you want it, we have it and can install it.