About Us

At Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, we are 4×4 enthusiasts with over 30 years of experience. We are the people you notice with the mud-covered Utes driving our kids to school on Monday.

You may wonder, “How did they get their vehicle so dirty?”

By having fun on the weekend. That’s how!

Who We Are

You know who we are because we are the true blue boys and girls you see spending their free time fitting their 4WD with towing accessories, suspension upgrades, driving lights, exhaust systems, and dual batteries setups. When you see us driving Mount Gambier’s roads, you stop to admire our mean looking vehicles and say to yourself, “One day I’ll get myself a 4WD like that.”

We are a company of off-road enthusiasts built for enthusiasts who have been working in the automotive trade and 4×4 accessory markets for 30 plus years. Our sales staff, technicians, and fitters are off-roaders themselves.

Our work is of the highest quality. Nothing means more to us than the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We never overlook that having fun off-road is just part of it. Getting back safely to be with friends and family makes the fun worthwhile.

We are a hard-working, fun-loving group of people who feel driven to customise vehicles and who just got lucky enough to start a successful company doing what we are passionate about.

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Storefront

Our Vision

“Use our experience with the highest quality parts to build practical, functional, and fun 4WD vehicles while serving as the authority on all things off-road vehicle-related.”

We have been able to accomplish this because we truly know the needs of people in Mount Gambier. From the beginning, there were certain fundamentals that we knew were nonnegotiable, such as:

  • Work with the best distributors
  • Staff helpful suppliers from the community
  • Only stock products suited for the southeast of South Australia

Like all companies, we have had our trials, but we have never lost sight of our vision. We have created our new Mount Gambier Off Road Centre as a way for us to continue showing our commitment to our community. From the design of the building to the products we offer to the staff who serves you, we guarantee quality every step of the way.

Community Commitment

Four-wheel drive vehicles are part of the culture in the southeast of South Australia. This is a culture that runs deep in our veins and that we are committed to supporting. Our philosophy is: “People are our most valuable asset.”

These aren’t just words for us. We sponsor local football teams, Speedway cars, netball teams, rally cars, and other community organizations. We encourage our staff to set aside some of their time to improve the community as well. That is why we are a consistent feature at local sporting clubs and community organizations.

Australians are enjoying the outdoors with their vehicles more than ever. The capabilities of 4×4 vehicles have never been greater. At Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, we are happy to supply the aftermarket parts and accessories that make your time on the road safer and more enjoyable.