Camping Gear

Mount Gambier Off Road Centre is packed with the best camping gear and accessories. At our store you can find everything you need for the outdoors, from camping chairs and sleeping bags to a selection of tents and swags.

Visit our showroom to buy camping equipment from big brands at competitive prices, or find out more below.

Mount Gambier’s Camping Store

When purchasing camping gear, buying online comes with its risks. However, in the camping section of our store, you can see a range of tents, swags and other items on display. Check out the size of that roof top tent you want. Feel the material of the sleeping bag. Sit in the camping chair. Get expert advice from our staff.

We don’t just sell the basics. We also sell accessories that will take your camping experience to the next level, like tent lights and portable toilets.

People camping, sat outside of tent on camping chairs
Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Camping Store

We sell all of the camping essentials you will need for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you are fishing in the SA lakes, hiking around the National Parks or simply escaping into the outback for a few days, we’ve got you covered!

We sell quality equipment from tried and tested brands, like ARB and Engel. We know that camping gear is an investment. When you buy from Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, you can have confidence that you’ll be buying products that will last you for years.

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  • 4x4 camping beneath the stars

Tents & Swags

When you go camping, your first priority is a good quality tent or swag. At our store, we have a selection of tents, swags & gazebos already set-up. You can look at the equipment close up and really get a feel of what you will be buying.

We know that people want different things from their tent. Some are happy with a swag while others want a tent to attach to their 4×4. That is why we make sure that the equipment we sell in our camping store caters to a variety of needs, as well as budgets.

So whether you want to buy a roof top tent or an ARB swag, make Mount Gambier Off Road Centre your first stop.

ARB Swag in the outback
ARB compact sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags & Camping Mattresses

We sell top quality, comfortable sleeping bags and camping mattresses.

When you visit our store, you will see for yourself that camping doesn’t need to be uncomfortable! We believe in options. No matter if you are looking for a specially designed camping mattress or a compact sleeping bag, we invite you to come along to the store and choose what is best for you.

Not sure what sleeping bag will give you the best night sleep? Talk through your options with our specialist trained staff. They can explain the benefits of each product, allowing you to make the best decision for your circumstances.

Camping Chairs & Furniture

At our shop you can also find camping chairs & other furniture for your trip.

You not only want to have a comfortable sleep while camping, you want to be able to relax during the days & evenings. We have a selection of gear to make sure that you can do just that. For example, pick up a camping fridge and enjoy an ice cold drink with lunch. Or enjoy a feast after your fishing trip with one of our sturdy camping tables. Or sit, relax and enjoy the view with a comfortable and practical camping chair.

With Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, you can enjoy the outdoors while enjoying some creature comforts.

Camping chairs and table under gazebo
Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Camping Equipment

Other Camping Equipment

We take pride in offering our customers a wide range of practical camping gear. The list of items you take camping can be endless and will depend on what type of experience you enjoy. But no matter your preference, we sell something for everyone.

Maybe you would rather a portable oven in place of cooking over a fire. Or you would prefer camping lights in place of a head torch. We sell accessories for every type of preference.

We also know that storage can be an issue when camping. You want to keep your food and belongings safe. So visit us to pick up a strong, durable camping storage box.

Safety is always a priority.

If you are 4×4 camping off road, you will want to invest in a 4wd recovery kit, some good recovery tracks or a winch. At Mount Gambier Off Road Centre, we also have a team of mechanics ready to fit the 4×4 accessories for you, if wanted.

You will also want to keep you camping gear safe, which is why we sell ratchet straps that will endure the test of time.

You can even visit our camping shop for a well stocked first aid kit!

4x4 being recovered from beach using recovery tracks

A Store For All Your Camping Supplies

Variety & Quality

We know what our customers want. We sell a wide range of top quality gear, built to withstand all types of camping challenges that we have here in SA.

Expert Staff

Our qualified staff are also locals of Mount Gambier. They give great advice not only on what camping gear you may need, but also on the best areas to visit.

Local ARB Dealer

As an official ARB dealer in Mount Gambier, we sell genuine ARB camping equipment at great prices to campers all around the Limestone Coast.

Hiking & Fishing Gear

Many of the customers who come to the camping store at Mount Gambier Off Road Centre are going fishing, hiking or taking their 4×4 off road for a few days.

You may be tempted to look online for specialist equipment, but we have found that many items from our camping gear range can be used for other outdoor activities – and at a better price. Here are some our most popular items amongst fishermen, hikers and 4×4 campers:

  • Camping chairs
  • Torches
  • First aid kit
  • Storage boxes
  • Portable fridge
  • 4×4 recovery equipment
Fisherman in camping chair
Mount Gambier Off Road Centre Showroom

Big Brand Names

You want camping gear that you can use again and again. Items that are made to last without breaking the budget.

We sell equipment from the biggest brand names in camping, at competitive prices.

  • ARB
  • Engel Fridge
  • Evakool Fridge
  • Travel Buddy Oven
  • VRS
  • Saber Offroad

Get in touch or visit us in our camping shop if you are searching for a specific product or brand. Our staff are happy to help and will answer any questions you have.

The One Stop Camping Shop

Now you have an idea of what you will find in the camping section of our store. A large variety of top quality outdoor gear and accessories. Visit us and get prepared for your next trip.

If you can’t see the camping equipment that you are looking for, contact us, we will be happy to help.